Message: “RT021 – Trust that God has a plan! Judges 14:4” from Rick Lancaster

Rick Lancaster

Rick Lancaster - May 1, 2019

RT021 - Trust that God has a plan! Judges 14:4

I wish it weren’t so, but every time I sin, I know it was because I wanted to and because God allowed me to. The life of Sampson may be one of the strangest in the Bible. He was a man of miraculous physical strength but was morally weak. His choices caused his parents great pain, but our text tells us that God wasn’t going to waste that pain. Go to for the show notes for this episode. For more, go to

Scripture References: Judges 14:4

From Series: "A Radical Thought"

God want to do something radical in us every day through His Word. These brief thoughts helps us to focus on God's Word and allow the Spirit opportunity to do something radical in us.

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