The Glory of God’s Work! Zechariah 4:1-14

Pastor Rick Lancaster continues a series through the Old Testament book of Zechariah in a series he has titled: A Glorious Future! All of us were put on this earth to do something – something good, useful, and productive. Discovering what it is that God created us to do is one of the most important tasks any believer will undertake. Rick shares three principles of God’s works.

Zechariah is the longest of the Minor Prophets. This book is unique in that it contains more references to the End Times and the Messiah than virtually any other book in the Old Testament. In this marvelous book is a picture of the glorious future God has planned for the Jews. And because we are in Christ, Christians can learn a lot about the glorious future God has in store for them as well. And if we are open to it, a study of the future will help us to live a life that glorifies God today. Click this link if you would like to see Rick’s Sermon Notes and/or his Bible Study notes: Zechariah Series Page