Oh, satisfy us early with Your mercy, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days!

Psalm 90:14

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Rick Lancaster - July 24, 2019

RT048 – Learning the hard way! 2 Chronicles 12:8

A Radical Thought

The choice is ours; serve God with a humble heart or endure the forced humbling of our heart by an unloving destroyer. Not everything bad that comes in our life is because God is mad at us or punishing us; sometimes it is just the fact that we are living in a broken, fallen world. But it is possible that God might be allowing some difficult thing in our lives because we are not humbling ourselves before Him. What should we do if that is true? Go to http://bit.ly/2M6sckE for the show notes for this episode. For more, go to https://aradicalthought.com

Scripture References: 2 Chronicles 12:8

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