God has no favorites – neither should we!

God would have us view people based on what they need and not based upon what they have.

November 18

My brethren, do not hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with partiality.

James 2:1

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God has no favorites – neither should we!

James makes a radical statement as he begins the second chapter of his epistle. In essence he is telling his readers that we cannot claim to be true followers of Jesus if we show favoritism. This should be very challenging to all of us, because we are all probably guilty of this to some degree or another. James is challenging us to prove our faith in Christ in a very practical way.

Taken in connection with Christ’s sayings and Paul’s writings that God shows no favoritism, we begin to see more clearly what James is trying to tell us. No one is better (or worse) than anyone else. God has no favorites, and if we are going to call ourselves Christians, we should have no favorites either.

To get a grip upon how this should relate to us we need to understand better why we might show favoritism to some. As you read further in James chapter two you see something of what he is trying to address. Too often we relate to people based on what they can do for us. We will give more attention to those from whom we can reap some sort of benefit or blessing. James is suggesting that God has a different way that we should be viewing people.

God would have us view people based on what they need and not based upon what they have. Every person that comes into your life is there for a reason. They all need something. And God in His infinite wisdom and grace has given you some of what they need, and He wants you to give it to them. God almost always uses others to meet the needs of His people. He could easily supply all their needs without involving anyone else, but He has chosen not to do it that way.

Jesus is our great example. He set aside everything that He was so that he could come to the earth and meet the needs of His creation. The greatest of those needs was Himself. Of all the things that man needs, God is the greatest need of all. Jesus offered Himself to all, without exception and without hesitation. Jesus Christ is the greatest example we have of a life lived entirely without favoritism.

To call ourselves Christians, we must attempt to live a life free of favoritism. As fallen creatures we may never be able to completely free ourselves of this sin, but we must confess this sin to God and ask the Holy Spirit to help us view people as God does and not based on what they can do for us.

Everyone that comes into our lives does so for a reason. One of those reasons may be so that they can provide to us what we need. God will send them and use them to meet our needs. We need to be careful viewing people like that though; it can be very easy to begin to look at others based on what they can do for us or our ministry or church. Keep your eyes off of yourself and on what they need. Trust God to use them as He sees fit, including the meeting of your needs. Jesus, help us to see them in the same way You do.

Daily Bible Reading:
Read: Ezekiel 37:1:38:23; James 1:19-2:17; Psalm 117:1-2; Proverbs 28:1

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