Taking your role seriously!

We are not to build a kingdom of our own but to lead people to the kingdom of God.

July 8

Only Aaron and his descendants served as priests. They presented the offerings on the altar of burnt offering and the altar of incense, and they performed all the other duties related to the Most Holy Place. They made atonement for Israel by doing everything that Moses, the servant of God, had commanded them.

1 Chronicles 6:49

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Taking your role seriously!

Aaron and his descendants were chosen by God to perform the most sacred of duties within the tabernacle and ultimately the Temple.  This was a position of great authority and responsibility.  Even the clothes that they were to wear while on duty set them apart from the people.  They had the immense responsibility of going before God to make atonement for the people.

This was no small thing.  God commanded that they be purified first before they entered into the Most Holy Place.  If the High Priest was not purified and came before the Lord in an incorrect manner it would cost him his life.  Two of Aaron’s sons were killed because they burned ‘strange fire’ before the Lord.  It was not a trivial occupation to be a priest of the Lord.  A careful study of the priestly responsibilities will point you to the work of Christ on behalf of fallen man.  Each sacrifice and each element of the rituals is a picture of some characteristic or pattern of Christ’s work and sacrifice.  The role and responsibility of Aaron and his sons was a shadow of the perfect High Priest, Jesus.

The Bible teaches that, as believers, we are being raised up into a holy priesthood.  We have the unique responsibility of performing priestly duties before the Lord.  While we are not involved in many of the rituals and sacrifices, we still perform duties that carry the same spiritual significance before the Lord.

This is especially true if we are in some position of leadership within our family, ministry, or church.  One of the roles of men is to be the priest of his family.  One of the problems of great responsibility and authority is the temptations that come along with them.  Over a period of time, the role of High Priest became a coveted position of great power.  It became a source of pride.

To be called to lead people is one of the noblest efforts a person could ever aspire to, especially in service to the Lord.  We must always remember the significance of our role.  We are not to build a kingdom of our own but to lead people to the kingdom of God.  As leaders we will be called to a greater accounting than those who follow us.  Aaron and his descendants were expected to be more holy and righteous than others.  They were held to a higher standard.  We also, as leaders, are to be held to a higher standard.  Your position does not mean that you are more holy and righteous, but that you should be allowing the Holy Spirit to make you that way.  Jesus, help us to take our responsibility seriously.

Daily Bible Reading:
Read: 1 Chronicles 5:18-6:81; Acts 26:1-32; Psalm 6:1-10; Proverbs 18:20-21

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