Is there no God in your life?

We might miss the radical things that God wants to do because we fail to go to Him in our times of need.

June 21

They replied, "A man came up to us and said, 'Go back to the king and give him this message from the LORD: Why are you sending men to Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron, to ask whether you will get well? Is there no God in Israel? Now, since you have done this, you will never leave the bed on which you are lying, but you will surely die.' "

2 Kings 1:6

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Is there no God in your life?

King Ahaziah has fallen and seriously injured himself.  He can tell that he may be dying and he wants to know if he is going to live.  The king of Israel sends some messengers to inquire of Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron.  Baal-zebub was said to have the power of prophecy.  Ekron was one of the cities of the Philistines.  God sends an angel to tell Elijah to intercept the king’s messengers and to give them a message for the king.  The message is that because the king did not inquire of Him that Ahaziah would not survive his injuries.

In the message the LORD asks the question: ‘Is there no God in Israel?’  By going to the god of their enemy, Ahaziah was totally rejecting the only True God.  By going to ask of Baal-zebub he was rejecting the God who could actually help him in his time of need.  God had proved Himself time and again to the ancestors of Ahaziah and yet he turned to some other god.  One of the sad things about this is that Ahaziah didn’t even believe that Baal-zebub could heal him; he only wanted to know whether he was going to live or not.

Because of Ahaziah’s lack of faith God sent him a message that he wasn’t going to live much longer.  Before we are too quick to judge Ahaziah we should examine our own lives to see if we have done the same thing.  It is amazing how often we will turn to the gods of this world when we should be turning to the True God.  The Bible teaches that God has supplied everything we need for life and godliness and yet we will often turn to the world for its wisdom and help.

God allowed Ahaziah to fall and become critically injured.  He probably wanted Ahaziah to turn to Him and ask for His help.  God may have even planned to use this to turn Ahaziah back to Him by healing him from this injury.  We might miss the radical things that God wants to do because we fail to go to Him in our times of need.  Instead we will turn to gods that neither see nor hear and cannot help us.

Go to the LORD for everything that is going on in your life.  Seek the counsel of the godly but trust God only for true wisdom.  There is no way to imagine the blessings that God would bestow upon the person who will live their life like that.  Trust God and give no place in your life for the gods of this world.  Jesus, teach us to see You as the only true source of wisdom and power in this life.

Daily Bible Reading:
Read: 2 Kings 1;1-2:25; Acts 13:42-14:7; Psalm 139:1-24; Proverbs 17:19-21

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