God’s way is the right way!

God will allow us to follow our own blind and stubborn path!

April 12

So I let them follow their blind and stubborn way, living according to their own desires.

Psalm 81:12

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God’s way is the right way!

God is an awesome God.  He has done exceedingly beyond all that we could hope or think.  God has delivered us from the bondage of sin through His Son Jesus and made a way for us to enter heaven.  Every breath that we take, and every beat of our heart is a gift from our Heavenly Father.  Everything that we have and are comes down from Him.  Even our skills and abilities were given to us by God Almighty.  He also guards and protects us from our enemies.  If it weren’t for God’s mighty hand in our lives many of us would have been destroyed long ago.  When we sense the presence of the enemy, we just need to run to our strong tower Jesus for protection and strength.

All God asks in return for everything that He has done for us is that we worship and obey.  And His desire is that we worship and obey out of a sense of thanksgiving and love rather than duty and obligation.  And the odd thing is that God does not make us worship and obey which He could do.  Instead, He invites us into fellowship with Him through our worship and obedience.  But we have the choice to enter that fellowship or not.

And if we choose not to worship and obey, God will respect that decision.  But He also wants us to understand the consequences of choosing our own way.  In our verse today we see one of the many verses that talks about God allowing us to follow our own path.  God will allow us to follow our own blind and stubborn path!

Our way is blind!  Only God can see the future.  We are blind to it.  At best the future is a vague guess about what might happen.  By walking our own way, we have decided that we would rather wander around like a blind man without a guide than allow God, who can see all time just like a photograph to direct our paths.  Our way is stubborn!  To be stubborn means you will not turn from your path even when you know it is wrong.  Stubbornness is rooted in pride and will cause people to make the most foolish decisions rather than changing their path.  Our way is driven by our desires!  When we live our way, it is our desires that are driving and motivating our actions.  And often we will allow desires that are harmful to us to be the driving force of our lives.  God’s pathway is never harmful to us.  God has a plan for our lives that is good and will prosper us and brings with it a future and a hope.

God’s way is the right way!  Through worship and obedience, we are brought into a sweet fellowship with God that brings protection, provision, and guiding.  Because of our relationship with Jesus, we have a strong tower for refuge and the hand of Almighty God to provide for us.  Jesus, remind us to run to you and to come to you in worship and obedience out of a heart filled with thanksgiving and love.

Daily Bible Reading:
Read: Joshua 5:1-7:15; Luke 15:1-32; Psalm 81:1-16; Proverbs 13:1

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