Are you ready?

What will Jesus find you doing when He returns?

April 8

He may come in the middle of the night or just before dawn. But whenever he comes, there will be special favor for his servants who are ready

Luke 12:38

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Are you ready?

Jesus is speaking to His disciples about what is to be expected of them after He is gone.  And here in out text for today Jesus brings out the idea of being ready; being prepared for His return.  He has already told them that He is leaving.  He has told them that He is going to die and that He will be raised from the dead on the third day.  He has even said that He is going to return to His Father in heaven who sent Him.  It is obvious through much of our reading of the gospels that His disciples didn’t really understand what He was telling them much of the time.

The idea of us getting ready for Jesus’ return is one that man has wrestled with since He left.  The disciples stood watching the sky immediately after Jesus left.  Two angels came and asked them what they were doing.  The inference is that being prepared for Jesus’ return is not about getting your bags packed and standing at the train station to heaven.  That is why Jesus used the example of the faithful servant.  We are to serve faithfully tending to the Master’s household while we are watching for His return.

This was one of the reasons that Jesus was so harsh with the Pharisees and religious leaders.  It was their responsibility to tend the Master’s house and make sure that everybody was ready and watching for His return.  Not only were they not doing that, but they would not open the door when the Master of the house, Jesus, came and knocked.

As leaders in families, ministries, or churches we have the responsibility of making sure that the Master’s house is being properly attended to and that all those we are responsible for are doing what is expected of them and help them to prepare for the Master’s return.  This means that we do not get too attached to the things of this world.  Our minds and thoughts ought to be on heavenly things while we tend to the physical things for which God has made us responsible.

There is a warning in our reading about not being prepared.  We can’t allow ourselves, or anyone we are responsible for, to believe that the Lord is going to be delayed for a long time.  His arrival will be completely unexpected. You have a responsibility to the Lord and to those who have been entrusted to you to keep them ready for His imminent return.  That means that we are helping them to live their lives as though Jesus could return before you finish reading this devotional.  It also means that we live our lives with the understanding that people have been waiting for two thousand years for the imminent return of Jesus Christ.  He might not return in our lifetimes.  But if He does, will He find you and those that you care for prepared?  Jesus, help us to keep our eyes on the heavens and our hands on the plow as we wait for your imminent return.

Daily Bible Reading:
Read: Deuteronomy 32:28-52: Luke 12;35-59; Psalm 78:56-64; Proverbs 12:24

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