God is still God!

God is working even when you can’t see it and don’t understand what he is doing.

January 28

And God continued, “I am the LORD.”

Exodus 6:2

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God is still God!

God is setting the stage to perform the incredible work of delivering the nation of Israel out of the bondage of Egypt.  But as God is preparing for this great miracle, things are getting a little tough for the Hebrews.  Pharaoh has put unreasonable demands upon them.  And the people are blaming Moses and calling him a troublemaker.

Moses goes back to God and asks Him why this is happening the way that it is.  Moses is confused because he thought God was going to make things easier for the Hebrews.  Moses didn’t expect things to get worse.

We behave just like Moses did.  When God gets our attention and tells us that He has a plan for our lives that is more than just sitting in the pews, we believe that it is going to be easy.  But it isn’t easy, and God never promised that it would be.

Egypt is a type or picture of this world that we live in and pharaoh is a type or picture of our enemy, Satan.  And just like Moses, if you have been called to serve in a ministry or church (which everyone has), your role is to lead people out of Egypt and away from pharaoh.  But pharaoh doesn’t want to let them go.  While they may be a threat to his rule, as long as he can hold on to them, he can use them for his purposes.

God reassures Moses by telling him that He is the LORD.  He tells Moses: I am God!  God then continues on and tells Moses about what He is going to do.  It was God’s intention and plan to free the nation of Israel from the bondage of Egypt.  That is still the plan of God.  He is still about that same plan; freeing people from the bondage of this world and sin.  And just like God used Moses, He wants to use you.

Moses was no different than any other man.  There were no great features about Moses that led God to choose him.  In fact, Moses resisted God and didn’t want to do what God wanted him to do.  God can and will use anyone He chooses to do His will.  And if we will just rest in the fact that He is God, then we will be used to do incredibly miraculous things for His kingdom.

The Hebrews didn’t believe Moses because their circumstances were so difficult.  And in your family, ministry, or church, there will be times when you might feel as Moses felt.  You know that God has given you a task, but no one sees that but you.  It is during those times that you need to hold on the fact that God is God.  God is working even when you can’t see it and don’t understand what he is doing.  His plan will be carried out and you have the honor and privilege of being a part of it.  Jesus, help us to do our part and to let you be the LORD.

Daily Bible Reading:
Bible Reading: Exodus 5:22-7:25; Matthew 18:21-19:12; Psalm 23:1-6; Proverbs 5:22-23

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